Investment plans

The Company offers investors a profitable partnership. Partners of our program receive a stable income. Each will be rewarded for their contribution to the development of the company and know-how technology of Japan.

The investment portfolio in our company means investing into one of the four proposed plans.


$10 - $300

Freeze for 3 days

Compounding 0-100%


$301 - $2000

Freeze for 3 days

Compounding 0-100%

200% FOR 17 DAYS

$1000 - $3000

Deposit included

Compounding none

200% FOR 14 DAYS

$1000 - $5000

Deposit back

Compounding none

You can use the proposed plan "Accumulation" and "Savings +", where the investor will receive the stated interest dividends every 24 hours, with the possibility of withdrawal of the contribution of the body at any time, on the expiration of 3 days.

Also, if you want to get more profit from investing in our company, you should pay attention to the plans "200% in 17 days" and "200% in 14 days", according to which the investor will receive 2 times more amount contributed at the end of the declared period of the deposit.

The company provides an affiliate program to attract new investors. You get 4% of deposits your invited partners, as well as 1% of the second level and 0.5% of the total deposits in the third level of investors.

For ease of use all the necessary payment systems are connected to our service.